Sunday 5 July 2009

Welcome to 2000AD Covers Uncovered!

Being a HUGE 2000AD fan and collector of it's artwork I get a thrill from seeing covers and artwork in their original state. You know, before Tharg gets his fat Betelgeusian fingers on them and covers 'em up with logos, barcodes, titles and the like.

It is my intention with this blog to upload as many as I can get my hands on so we can see the artists original visions without all the other gubbins cluttering up the page. I'll also upload work in progress stuff too if relevant.

Along the way I'll upload uncoloured artwork from earlier progs though unfortunately these will have logos and text glued onto 'em. Sorry folks, nothing we can do about that!

Thanks to all artists and collectors who's sites I'm gonna plunder to get these images - all will be credited where possible, honest guvnor! I'll also tag artist, characters and prog numbers to aid navigation on the blog.

Hope you enjoy it!

All characters/images are copyright of Rebellion, the best thing to happen to 2000AD in years!

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