Thursday 9 July 2009

Censored Brainblooms!

Hmmmm, a strange one this. According to The Judge Dredd Mega-History, this cover for Prog 18 by Don Lawrence further angered Carlos Ezquerra (Dredd's creator, who was already pissed off because the debut strip of his character drawn by someone else.) Apparently, Lawrence was having trouble getting the look of Dredd right (an old woman is about as far wrong as you can get!) so an Ezquerra Dredd from 'Bank Raid' (which was to be the first Dredd tale but was considered too violent - try to keep up!) was pasted over the top. Shocking!


  1. Hmm..That's from my art collection...those pics! LOl

  2. Also..

  3. Hey Rufus, you may find one or two items from your collection popping up on here over the coming months. As well as some examples, and gushing praise, of your own work too!

    Hope that's okay!?!