Wednesday 15 July 2009

Frazer Irving - Buttonman 4

Mega thanks to super Artdroid Frazer Irving for being so kind as to send me all the covers for Buttonman 4 - The Hitman's Daughter. In my humble opinion, Buttonman is one of 2000AD's strongest strips. The strips sense of ultra realism in terms of both art and script made it a cut above for me. I really hope we finally get a film version of this one day.

I was initially disappointed when Arthur Ranson, who had done such an amazing job on books 1-3 of the series couldn't do book 4 but my worries were shortlived as Frazer did such an amazing job on the series.

So, I proudly present all the covers for Buttonman 4 - the design work is absolutely amazing so please remember to click 'em to see the full sized versions so you can chack out all the lovely detail. Oh, and don't forget to visit Mr Irving's site at

I have lots more of Frazer's covers so watch out for them in the coming months!

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