Saturday 25 July 2009

The legendary Nick Percival!

Since starting this blog just a few short weeks ago, I've been struck by how kind and generous many of the 2000AD artists are. Most have responded very quickly to my cheeky emails and have been more than obliging when sending me things. Imagine my delight when legendary artdroid Nick Percival stumbled across the site and contacted me!

He sent this amazing collection of covers, all of which are absolutely gob-smacking (please remember to click 'em to see the beautiful larger versions!) He also told me he's working on a brand new Dredd cover and has promised to send it once it's been published. I can't wait!!!

For those who don't know what these covers are, we have Prog 1658: Shakara (above) and in order below we have Progs 1507: Chiaroscuro, 1494: Dredd, 1601: Lobster Random, 1545: Defoe and 1582: Dead Signal.

Thanks again Nick!

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