Thursday 9 July 2009

PJ Holden

Would you believe that this post will contain 100% of the 2000AD related cover's that this fantastic Artdroid has done? As the above cover from Dredd Megazine 281 shows, Mr Holden is very much a rising star in 2000AD and certainly one of my favourite Dredd artists. His recent, follically challenged "It Came From Bea Arthur Block" story was an absolute hoot, you could see he was really enjoying himself with the art. Here is the uncoloured McMahon inspired cover to Prog 1639: It's fantastic how he's replicated McMahon's inking style of the time and I love how the red circle of McMahon's original has been replaced with the baldy's head! Here's the coloured version and the cover it apes from Prog 310's 'Starborn Thing' tale:

You can see some unlettered pages from the story (and check out more of Paul's work) here. Also, check out the Eclectic Micks blog where Mr Holden and several other talented Irish artists post some fantastic artwork.

Thanks to Paul for sending me the cover of Meg 281, your services to Thrillpower are legendary sir!

C'mon Tharg, more covers for this fantastic artist please!

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