Monday 6 July 2009

Kev Walker - Old and New

Kev Walker's older painted work and his more recent darker, minimalist style continue to divide the readership of 2000AD. I'm gonna sit on the fence and say I love it all!

The above image of Anderson is the cover of Megazine 2.28 and the one below is Meg 3.57 showing a mean looking Judge Guthrie during the Doomsday epic.

Below we have uncoloured versions of Prog 1289 (Sin City) and 1453 (Mandroid.) Both were used as the covers for the Rebellion Graphic Novels.


  1. His Anderson was a bit butch. Much prefer his newer, simpler line stuff.

  2. Yeah, his anderson was a bit manly at times but his ABC Warriors work rates amongst my favourite ever.

    I love his newer style but his version of Joe Pineapples was soooooo cool!