Tuesday 7 July 2009

Dredd vs Aliens vs Predator!

In Prog 1322 Megacity One was invaded by some rather familliar looking xenomorphs in a rare 2000AD crossover. The tale, written by Wagner and Diggle featured sumptuous art by Henry Flint and some amazing covers. All of these are shown below:

Prog 1322 by Kev Walker:

Prog 1324 by Greg Staples:

Wraparound 1330 by Fraser Irving:

Two variant covers for the finale of the story in Prog 1335 by the wonderful Jock:

Another Hollywood alien that Dredd has trounced is Predator. Here are two of the four covers I know of, starting with Mr Bolland's Judge Pred:

And Duncan Fegredo:

There were also covers by Dermot Power and Martin Emond but as yet I cant find any sullied versions!

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