Wednesday 20 April 2011

Steve Yeowell - In the Lap of the Gods

Avast me hearties, Captain Jack Dancer is back and, erm... dead. This beautiful cover by the genius that is Steve Yeowell, kicks off the latest Red Seas adventure "Gods and Monsters." As the Norse Gods look on, Idun know how he's going to get out of this one...

Moooving on, below is Steve's thumbnail for the cover...

Followed by the pencils.

Next are the inks which beautifully illustrate Steve's clean, economic style where not a single brush stroke is wasted. Amazing...
And finally the beautiful coloured version which, I'm assuming Steve coloured himself.

I really like this cover, it's absolutely beautiful. Going from one extreme to the other though, is Steve's cover of Megazine 307. This features some very scary mutants from the Samizdat Squad strip which are anything but beautiful! A really dark and nasty cover which really highlights Yeowell's versatility as an artist.

Thanks to Steve for sending the images and for flying the flag for 2000AD at Kapow!

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