Sunday 17 April 2011

"Shoot me Boss! Don't let it eat me alive!"

Now that's a début cover! New artdroid James McKay absolutely knocks it out of the park with this terrifying painted cover for Flesh - Texas. It has all the impact of those early progs back when we were all kiddies getting our weekly prog from newsagent!

Below is James' sketch, he said "I wanted to focus on Gorehead in close up on the cover, for maximum impact!" Gorehead is, we have discovered, a blood-drenched Tyrannosaurus Rex who, because of a blast at a Trans-Time base, has become 'unstable' in time, so almost indestructible!
Below is the zarjaz, fully painted cover again. James continues "I want to do some more covers where I show him full figure and make him look even more evil! Pat always insists on him eating someone...!"

So congratulations to James on a brilliant first cover. He says "I was extremely chuffed to be offered the chance to do my first 2000AD cover, hopefully there'll be a lot more!"

Can't agree more! I'm sure it'll help that Pat Mills is ecstatic with James' work. The godfather of 2000AD raves "James has done the impossible. He's brought Flesh back to life with a Vengeance. After Ramon Sola's brilliant interpretation of Flesh in Book One, I never thought I'd find another artist who could do justice to its varied themes - cowboys, time travel, science fiction and dinosaurs. James has achieved this and more!" High praise indeed!

As if to prove Pat right, James was also kind enough to send some sketches(!) firstly, there's a full Gorehead for us to ogle...

Followed by a Styracosaurus and Troodon, wow!

James has a cracking website with many more of his amazing illustrations, you'll find it here.

Thanks a million to James for sending the images, they're brilliant! And best of luck for the rest of the series!

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  1. I'm absolutely loving James' stuff, and already count him as one of my favourite 2000AD artists of the last few years. Nice one guys!