Friday 22 April 2011

Cliff and Dylan - A Rip Roaring Combination!

Bojemoi! Nikolai Dante returns, as you'd expect, in fine style thanks to the creative tour de force that is Cliff Robinson and Dylan Teague. The story serves as a recap for readers on Dante's epic adventures to date and, unsurprisingly, the super talented Cliff has captured the Russian Rogue's swagger and cocky demeanour perfectly.

Below are his stunning roughs...

Followed, as ever, by absolutely faultless linework in his inks. Brilliant.

The cover has been coloured by the awesome Dylan Teague. No stranger to colouring Cliff's work, Dylan is himself a fan. He says "I love colouring Cliff's stuff! It's always superbly drawn so I just try and be as sympathetic to it as possible. I try and keep it simple and not to over render. Cliff has described most of the forms in his linework so my job is really just to try and pick the right colours and add a little texture here and there."

Of course, Dylan himself in one of 2000AD's most talented artists and has produced some absolutely dazzling covers in his time, including the iconic 1348 which appears in this blog's very logo! Here are the inks for it...

And the coloured version...

Next a REAL favourite of mine, the glorious cover of Megazine 238, featuring just about every one of Dredd's most troublesome enemies. I can't tell you how much I love this cover.
Next up, this superb cover for the reprint of 'The Corps' in the Extreme Edition...
And this thrilling cover for the Dredd Thriller Regime Change in the Meg.
Beyond the Dredd universe, Dylan has produced covers for a host of other 2000AD thrills including this classic Synnamon cover:

To these great Malone and Lowlife covers...

As well as trying his hand at some more classic characters, Dante:

Rogue Trooper:
Mega thanks to Cliff and Dylan for sending the images, top blokes!

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  1. About the Dante' cover...roughs? haha..heh....really? *chucks drawing equipment in bin*. :-P Fantastic image,that.