Thursday 13 October 2011

Up Close and Personal with Cliff Robinson

Another detailed study of the inner workings of the justice department from the master that is Cliff Robinson. As mentioned in this article, Cliff is king of the Lawgiver so it's nice to see him giving us some details! Below we see Cliff's photo reference with the artist obviously the proud owner of a Termight Replicas version of the gun...

Next the coloured version of the cover with a test title...

And the finished cover without the text - lovely!

One of the many things I love about Cliff's work, his attention to detail. He's a true craftsman who obviously puts a lot of thought into how things work. For example, take the cover of Prog 1538 below, we get to see how each buckle, strap and fastener works on Dredd's pads and boots as well as a new take on the classic boot holster design. Brilliant...

Another ingenious close up of Cliff's is this painted cover of Prog 706, giving us a fearsome reflection of Dredd's visage in the legendary Cyclops Phylon TX Laser - classic!
Many thanks to the glorious Mr Robinson for sending this weeks' images - just FIVE more covers and he will equal King Carlos as most published voer artist on the prog!

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