Saturday 29 October 2011

Neil Roberts - Look-In' Good!

My word, what a brilliant cover by digital master, Neil Roberts! It's criminal that the shelf life of our beloved prog is only a week when droids such as he are regularly creating such stunning images!

Neil has a written an excellent piece on his blog about the cover which is for new thrill Angel Zero. The artist discusses his love of Look In, the hugely popular television-based comic of the seventies, eighties and nineties which I'm sure many readers will fondly remember. The comic featured the work of many 2000AD artists, including legendary Angel Zero artist John Burns as well as the brilliant Arthur Ranson. Many of the covers were often painted by renowned film poster artist Arnaldo Pitzu, who's work had a profound effect on young Master Roberts!

Pitzu's bold colour palette was the inspiration for Neil's cover. You can see how he has taken the lush purples and greens from the covers below and used them as the basis for the background of his own dazzling creation.
Below we can see Neil's initial sketches for the cover...

And, of course, it would not be a Neil Roberts cover without one of his hilarious photo refs. This time, Neil has spared us one of his trademark gurning pictures and has concentrated on giving us a look down the back of his pants instead - niiiiiice!
I don't want to tread on Neil's toes so I won't say much more, please go to his wonderful blog and read more about the cover (and have your brain frazzled by some of his other amazing work) from the man himself!
Thanks to the amazing Mr Roberts for sending the pictures, yet another contender for cover of the year!

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