Saturday 15 October 2011

Simon Davis - Looking Rough...

Simon Davis is a phenomenal, award winning fine artist who's painted covers and artwork always add an extra touch of class to the prog. However, with this traditional approach comes a perfectly old school attitude. When I first started this blog, Simon was one of the first artists I contacted, asking for roughs and, in particular, work in progress pictures of his beautiful work. I got a very nice reply from the artist, admitting that he was very much of the old guard, in fact, he said "I don't even have a scanner, I deliver the actual artwork and Tharg does the rest, I'm very much a Luddite with artwork!"

Recently, though this seemed to have changed as I was delighted to receive these roughs from the great man. I excitedly contacted him, asking if he'd finally dragged himself into the 20th(!) century and got himself a scanner... Alas, it was not to be "I'm afraid I still live in a Dickensian world so don't have a scanner...the photos are taken with a camera."

Bah, still he's getting there I suppose! Above you can see the rough for the beautiful Angel Zero cover to Prog 1751...

Followed by the thumbnail for the Ampney Crucis cover of Prog 1754, stunning!

Thanks again to Simon for sending these amazing covers!

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