Saturday 15 October 2011

The Monstrous Machinations of N Percival!

Yuck! What a horrible, creepy cover this is by the brilliant Nick Percival! This cover is for the reality bending mind-drokk that is Indigo Prime by John Smith and Edmund Bagwell.

Nick gives us the lowdown on this glorious cover. "Tharg wanted a pure white cover with some Lovecraft style tentacles slowly breaking out into our reality, so to speak. I actually had the Blu-ray of ‘Monsters’ playing in the background while I was painting this, so don’t know if it had a subtle influence or not on the creature…who knows? Quite a minimalist cover that hopefully works well.” Well, I've got to say it works really, really well!

As well as sending the cover, Nick sent a stunning commission he'd just finished based on a classic Bolland Batman cover, amazing! If you're up for a commission from the man, contact him through his site!

Thanks a million to Nick for sending the cover, I love it!

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