Wednesday 10 August 2011

Henry Flint - Zombozoic!

He's done it again! Fan favourite Henry Flint has produced yet another stunning cover that manages to distil the very essence of 2000AD. Above is his latest masterpiece which, like his seminal Shakara cover of prog 1657, is a tip of the hat to a classic cover of yesteryear...

Older squaxx will remember Metalzoic, Pat Mills and Kev O'Neill's bonkers tale of robotic wildlife desperately struggling to survive on an abandoned planet Earth. The story featured a psychotic, gorilla-like robot known as Armageddon who's brutal, often cruel behaviour was a result of him operating on his own brain. Hence, the much-loved cover of Prog 485:
Current events in Zombo: The Day the Zombo Died have seen our lovable zombie's brain destroyed by the evil, crime fighting uber zombie Omboz, causing the emergency re-boot of a secondary brain hidden in Zombo's arse. This secondary brain belonged to an awfully melodramatic Male Stripper called Eric Rabinowicz, who has given Zombo an hilarious, yet heartbreakingly clich├ęd inner monologue. Yup, I'm fairly certain that the above plot synopsis could only have come from the addled minds of Al Ewing and Henry Flint!

Below are Henry stunning pencils, wow...

Followed by the background paints which Henry uses to bring out those beautiful textures in his work...Glue 'em together with some of the old Flint magic and you end up with the amazing finished image.
Finally, the design droids at the Nerve Centre add the nostalgia inducing speech balloon and we have yet another cover that is definitely going to be up there in this year's Cover of the Year votes.
Thanks to the wonderful Henry Flint for sending the images, remember to go and visit his beautiful blog at

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  1. I do love a good Henry Flint cover. Don't you wish that Zombo could be in 2000 AD every week, just like Dredd? I never get sick of Al's twisted stories and Henry's astonishing artwork!