Saturday 20 August 2011

Crazy Legs Trevallion!

Boom! Who better to draw Download's two coolest gunsharks than 2000AD's coolest new artdroid, Tiernen Trevallion? Here, in various forms, is the funtin' excellent cover of Prog 1748, a triumph in style and damn good design.

As we work through the images you'll notice one or two alternative ideas, one or two of which I wish had made the final cover - not that I'm doubting the wisdom of the mighty Tharg of course!

Over to Tiernen to describe his original vision. He says "As you can see, the first sketch had Ramone looking sharp while Finnigan is in the background, flying backwards through a window..."
However, the mighty one must have wanted more action from Dexter as we can see he's also blasting away in sketch no 2...
With the sketch approved, here are frankly stunning inks. Dexter really does look dashing, check out his Mr Darcy style hair, while Finny looks hilarious with those gangly legs and mental hand cannon!
Now this is the very essence of cool! The figures look great against the dark background and those muzzle flashes seem to glow! The glass looks great, really adding movement and drama to the piece. I love the bits behind Dexter too...
Here's my (shite) mock up to see what it woulda looked like with the 2000AD logo...
Finally, the version as chosen by the editorial team. Still very cool but I think I prefer the darker image...
Folk that know me from the 2000AD forum will know I'm a BIG fan of Tiernen Trevallion's work and recently got a commission from him. With his creepy style I thought he's tackle Fink Angel really well and, he did! The finished piece is absolutely stunning and a real favourite of mine.
Thanks to Tiernen for the images and the VERY entertaining emails. Remember you can visit his glorious site here.


  1. The Big T's going to be huge.
    Only a few covers in so far but all of them look amazing.
    I love the work of Kev Walker and Mignola and T's up there with them.Superb.

    Nice Commission too! =)

    thanx for posting,