Tuesday 2 August 2011

Neil Roberts - The Gurnmeister Returns!

I love Neil Roberts! Not because his work ALWAYS blows me away, not because he has a unique, incredibly cool style, not even because he's a lovely, approachable guy who's as passionate about 2000AD as the rest of us. Nope, it's because he always gurns his way through a cover and has no qualms about posting his brilliant gurning pictu... I mean reference photos!

When this weeks' issue of 2000AD plopped through my letterbox on Saturday I was a tad disappointed when I saw the terrifying cover. Not at all with the image itself, it's definitely fighting for my top cover of the year, plus I was delighted to see Neil back. No, I was disappointed because I thought, with it being all robots on the cover, I'd have to do a Neil Roberts cover piece without those signature Neil Roberts gurning pictures. Thankfully, I was wrong, enjoy...

Picture 1 - Is my nose clean dear?
Picture 2 - Neil holds an invisible midget at bay...

Neil used his reference pictures to produce the thumbnail below. He only submitted one thumbnail as he thought this covered Tharg's brief of "BlackBlood MkI's looming over and reaching out to grab the reader..." Cool!

Naturally Tharg approved the thumbnail which led to this astonishing cover. As I said earlier, this is certainly vying for top cover of 2011 for me - I adore Blackblood and Neil has really done him jusssssssstice.

Thanks to Neil for allowing me to blatantly letting me steal these images from his excellent blog. Also, check out his supoib online gallery here.

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