Thursday 5 November 2009

Thanks to the Amazing PYE-01!

Huge, huge, huuuge thanks to PYE-01 for producing the amazing image above! PYE-01, or Simon Parr as some would call him, is Tharg's Head Design Droid and he has been instrumental in allowing this blog to function. Many of the covers we've been able to enjoy on this site have been sent by Pye, as he is my last port of call if I can't track down the cover artist themselves or if they don't scan their work.

It's so kind of him to give so much time to a blog that's basically undoing all the hard work that he has to do, so this is a very public thank you to him!

As well as having such a great design sense, Pye is a damned talented artist too. He has recently started a web site to show some of his fantastic work, you'll find it at . I urge you all to look at his 'Lunchtime of the Dead' strip too, it's horrendously funny!

Thanks again Pye, you're a legend!


  1. Pye-01 is great. He's been very helpful to us over at Zarjaz too, providing actual strip logo's when asked for.

    And he's a nice chap too!

  2. The cover of the prog Dredd's holding looks a bit ropey ;)

  3. Heh, you're not wrong Mr Teague. Perhaps that's why Tharg covered most of the image :)

  4. I'm thinking of starting a blog called "Where will Dylan's Drawing of Dredd turn up next..."