Sunday 22 November 2009

Neil Roberts -

Thanks once again to Neil (Skinny Elbows) Roberts for his support of the blog. Here are the covers for Progs 1656 and 1659. Above we have the beautiful final Image for 1659 which depicts our favourite future lawman during his exile to the Cursed Earth.

Before we get to that, we have a sketch and final image of Jonny Alpha riding a Mork on the cover of 1656...

Onto 1659, first we have Neil's prelims, of which Tharg preferred number 1...

Here is the 'base render' of the cover. This is a version of the cover made from Neil's extensive library of bits and bobs...
Once the base render is complete, Neil does a 'paintover' where he adds a multitude of special effects, zing and Thrillpower to really bring the image to life!

Neil has a shiny new site at Go there and prepare to be amazed!
Thanks again to Neil for supporting this blog!

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  1. I absolutely love seeing the original,pieces of artwork. I really wish tharg would release "just covers" collection full colour like Spectrum or the Exotique series. Or even better a series of them. covers of 2009,etc. that is one book I would buy straight away.