Wednesday 25 November 2009

Mark Harrison - Storming Heaven!

Wow, the beautiful cover of prog 1663! The cover features Uriel the Seraphim burning up on a visit to Heaven. Mark didn't set his long-suffering brother on fire for this one (see here) he actually based the image on an Olympic high diver!

Below we see his wonderful roughs...

Before being treated to a glimpse of Heaven itself...
Here is the image without the flames, Mark explains "The hardest part was showing him on fire. Flames were constantly being added and subtracted, so as not to look insubstantial but not so you lost the character. A happy compromise in the end."
I think this cover is stunning, one of my favourites of the year. Thanks (again!) to Mark for sending me the files!


  1. Gotta admit. Usually in i name the artist, but this one escaped me til i peeked inside. The Harrison droid escaped my memory. But you look closer at his 'greys' and flames and its there. I agree a very fine cover. Maybe he can give me a few PS lessons cos i suck full stop. lol.
    Necrophim is a cracking read, i've almost forgotten 'City Def'. please don't return, i beg you!

  2. Stunning. one of the best covers i have ever seen. I've still got it on the floor in front of me it's that good.

  3. Just gorgeous. Love his work.