Sunday 22 November 2009

Clint Langley - The Axeman Returns

Above is the amazing cover for Prog 1662 by the wonderful Clint Langley. Clint first started his long standing career with 2000AD (and, in particular Pat Mills) in 1994, with the comedic strip Dynosty. This satirical strip, which depicted the royal family as a bunch of dinosaurs, showed Langly as a very complex artist with a incedibly individual sense of style.

Since then, Langley has reinvented himself as the master digital art, wowing us with stunning covers, jaw dropping Slaine artwork and sublime ABC Warriors work. Again, his work is instantly recognisable and mind bogglingly complex! Please visit his site here, to see for yourself!

An exciting bit of site news, Clint has promised me his series of ABC Warriors covers sometime soon, so look out for the Warriors special, coming soon!

1 comment:

  1. As undoubtably brilliant Clint is at the ol' digital art, its easy now to overlook his traditional work - so its nice you gave it a mention Pete.
    I've got a page from his first Slaine, done the traditional way and the detail is just stunning.
    Really think the crude colouring of it did him no favours at all. If it'd been done better, or left in black & white, then maybe the tale would be better remembered (but then again, Slaine as a winged Robin Hood... maybe not)