Sunday 4 October 2015

Nick Percival - In the myre with The Gyre!

This week, the always awesome Nick Percival sent an unlettered version of his teaser image for his and Mike Carroll's forthcoming Dredd tale 'The Gyre!' It looks and sounds absolutely epic, Nick says "This is really just a teaser image for the storyline that I did before I got the completed script, so it’s deliberately vague but just gives a hint of the mood and style of the series. It’s Dredd out of his comfort zone, limited to basic weapons and in a hostile environment.”

Hell yeah!!! Here is Nick's Dredd sketch...

"Get to da choppah!"

And an exclusive teaser panel from the actual strip, amazing! Poor Dredd, he's just got out of the snow and now it's pissing down!

Dredd experiences an English summer...

And final the teaser as seen in the Meg. Really looking forward to this one, the bad guy looks absolutely amazing!

Careful with that knife Joe, you'll have his bloody eye out!

Thanks to Nick for sending the images, January can't come soon enough!!!

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