Sunday 18 October 2015

Most Handome Man in Comics? Deffo!

Over on the glorious blog of Leigh Gallagher, the perfect specimen of manliness has given us a break down of his excellent Defoe cover of Prog 1952. A wonderfully striking image by cover of the year winner of 2013, I'm sire this one will come high in the cover of the year list this year too!

The article, as ever, is really funny so drag your undead arses HERE right now and read it. There's a GREAT alternative version which I won't spoil here and also a photograph of the man himself for the fellas. 

I can't resist posting the pencils and inks (just LOOK at them!!!) but I urge you to check out Leigh's brilliant post on his fantastically entertaining blog!

"Just like that!" The poster for the Tommy Cooper comeback show.

 Mrs Defoe wasn't sure Titus had bought the best mobile for their new baby...

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