Wednesday 2 October 2013

INJ Culbard - Boost For Scythe!

Gah, I feel sick!
Woah, what a dizzying cover from INJ Culbard. I love the trickery of this, initially you think that the flowers are on the ground before the perspective shift makes you realise that they're climbers and Ramkin's situation suddenly becomnes even more treacherous!
Ian has provided absolutely dazzling visuals for Brass Sun from the get go, seriously some of the most impressive, inventive spreads the comic has seen, in my opinion. I asked Ian to tell us about this cover, he said "My brief was simply a high-angle shot looking down as Ramkin climbs the Ivy to safety and we see a Scythe in pursuit. Something menacing and vertiginous.  After a couple of rough ideas that didn't really feel like anything other than being just another panel from the interior strip I had this idea to switch it to a character's perspective. I was really keen by this point to move away from what was in the story in terms of shot.  And because the Scythe had to be in the same shot, it was a clear choice that that POV should be Ramkin's and that we'd see Ramkin reflected in the Scythe's red eye."

"I said 'Hands up!' I won't have any shouting out! That's better."
With the rough completed, Ian moves on to the final piece. He continues "I quite like the idea of POV shots because, as an artist, it throws up its own interesting challenges. It also gives the reader a moment they wouldn't otherwise experience in the story.  So I settled on the following image and the rest as they say..."

The manicure robot prepares to go to work...
Simply brilliant! I have to say that Scythe needs to change the razor on his legs or at least start using Imac (or Veet as the youngsters call it these days.) He's obviously using a cheap Bic and making a right old mess...
Moving on, here's how the prog looks on your newsagent's shelf, a nice, understated design this week I think...
Walloping great, wall crawling thank you's to Ian for sending the images, please visit his swishy blog here!

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