Friday 19 October 2012

Nick Percival - The Master.

Please, if you think anything of this little blog, right click the image above and open it in a new tab. Make sure to look at it full size and just drink in Nick Percival's incredible texture work on this delightfully trippy Brass Sun cover.

The cover features the mysterious 'Station Master' who resides in 'The Rails', the transport system that can transfer people between the clockwork worlds of The Orrary. He has sent Wren, the heroine of the tale, on a mission to track down parts of a giant key so that he can try to restart the dying Brass Sun. However, can he be trusted?

Nick tells us about his involvement with the cover - “Since this was a new storyline for 2000AD, I didn’t really know anything about the characters, only the very basic premise for the series. Tharg wanted the ‘big robot guy’ as he was described to me, looking out to the reader with the universe behind him, etc – which I think worked well for a cover image."

"Now having finally seen some of the series, I really like the clean, simplistic art style for the story. For a painted piece though and in keeping with my style, I felt it was necessary to add some textures, lighting and surface detail to the robot – hopefully he didn’t end up looking too much like something from ABC Warriors....”

It really is a beautiful, breath taking image. Nick has been busy producing some astounding covers for IDW's forthcoming Judge Dredd title. Here's the first of those, just check out Dredd's skin, amazing!

Many, many thanks to Nick for the images and commentary, here's hoping we see him back in the prog soon!

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