Wednesday 10 October 2012

Cliff Robinson - Simp-ly Iressistable!

 Of all the blogs in all the world, you had to click onto mine!"

Well, the genius that is Cliff Robinson sent these beautiful inks for Prog 1804's Simping Detective cover. Cliff is the undeniably the daddy of the Simps, having provided the simptuous artwork for Prog 527's classic TB Grover strip 'Simp' which (almost) saw the wedding of Nobby Klunk to Clovis Leach. He also illustrated its follow up, Prog 574's brilliant 'Simp Around the House.'

Nobby Klunk - 2000AD's first ever Simp.

The cover is a wonderfully moody piece, which really evokes a pulp, Bogart-vibe (albeit with a clown's nose!) I asked Cliff if it was based on a particular Bogart image to which has answered "I based the image on someone who is a thousand times cooler than Bogart... ME!" He attached this wonderful image of him 'relaxing' in his studio as proof! Any excuse for a tipple, eh Cliff?

As you can see, Cliff really suffers for his art...
Below are Cliff's incredible roughs for the cover, I can almost hear a saxophone wailing in the background...
"Here's lookin' at you, kid."

And again, those beautiful inks...

 The beginning of a beautiful friendship, Cliff's inks ready for Dylan's colours...

Once the inks were finished, it was off to Cliff's buddy, the amazing Dylan Teague to add some of his colouring wizardry. 

Finally, here's how the cover looks on the news stands. I love how the design team have put Jack in front of the logo as the smoke from his carrot-based stogie drifts behind, classy...

Thanks to Cliff for sending those brilliant images, a truly excellent cover.

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  1. What can you say?
    No sooner have you seen the very best of Cliff's art..when another piece just pip's it at the post.

    How can you top perfection? we will just have to await the next work of art from Cliff.

    l have to say Pete l am most envious of your original art-Fantastic sheet's.

    Warmest from: