Sunday 28 October 2012

Clint Langley - Scars and Stripes...

Hammerstein darkly ponders the havoc of war and the battle's confusion...

A very dark and daring cover from Clint Langley which perfectly mirrors the mood chip of the old war horse inside. I LOVE this cover, it's clever, the blacks really work and that red eye absolutely pops. Brilliant. The design team have done a great job too, Clint agrees, he wrote to say "Great graphics and logo on this one!"

2000AD at it's subversive best - Pat will be proud!

I was going to use this blog post to showcase the differences between Clint's ABC Warriors work in the prog the frankly, amazing amount of changes he puts in to the ABC hardback collections. However, Clint has promised something pretty special in a couple of progs time and asked me to wait till then... Exciting!!!

Thanks again to Clint for sending this image, that's one hell of a cool cover!

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