Thursday 3 November 2011


Stak! What a brilliant cover to premier fanzine Zarjaz by the superb Staz Johnson! Yes Earthlets, the latest issue of Zarjaz is available to buy from the Quaequam Blog and at the forthcoming Thought Bubble con.

This issue is absolutely packed to the rafters with work from tomorrows' big writers and artists. As well as Rogue Trooper, there are tales from Dredd, Robohunter, ABC Warriors, Bad Company and much, much more! Quick, get yerself over to the Quaequam Blog and order a copy or two!

Below we can see Staz's wonderful inks for the cover...
The image is based on the rather familiar looking cover from master artist Frank Frazetta shown below. Frazetta is the inspiration of many, many, many 2000AD artists, please check out this rather amazing Frazetta gallery here, it's stunning.

The cover is familiar looking as the original, 46 year old image was used as the inspiration for this classic Glimmer Rats cover by Rebellion concept artist, the fantastic Mark Harrison.

Unfortunately, Frazella never directly contributed to the Galaxy's greatest however he did famously paint Dredd busting Alfred E Newman for the cover of Mad Magazine.

Thanks to Zarjaz editor Bolt for sending the images. Remember to buy a copy of Zarjaz today!

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