Monday 14 November 2011

Chris Weston - Talented Bugger!

Well, it looks like Indigo Prime's seamsters have been tinkering with time again; this time they've plucked their own artist from twenty years ago and made him paint this amazingly gross cover! Yup, veteran artdroid Chris Weston has returned to produce this gloriously nasty image for the current Indigo Prime tale, 'Anthropocalypse'.

Older readers will remember with joy Chris' earlier work in John Smith's multiverse, particularly their classic Killing Time, featuring agents Winwood and Cord and a certain time travelling Victorian serial killer...

Below we see Chris' bonkersly detailed 'rough' (rough, blimey!?!) ?It features Indigo Prime agent Spacesick Steve, who is trapped in a diseased reality where Earth is being overrun by giant creepy crawlies - ugh!

From the rough we have these glorious inks. Chris' attention to detail is always stunning and this belter of a cover is no different...
And finally, the stomach churning finished product....
In my opinion, this cover is bursting with pure, old skool 2000AD Thrillpower! It completely captures the magic of those early 'Supercovers' by the likes of Bolland, Lopez and Ferrer which would often featured poor Earthlings at the mercy of horrific giant beasties. Stunning work.

EDIT - I asked Chris about this and he said "That was EXACTLY what I was going for. That thought genuinely crossed my mind. I just wish i could have given the little boy the following superfluous speech bubble : "Kill me, mummy, before the insects eat my guts!" Quick, someone Photoshop one on!

Thanks to Chris for sending the images - remember to visit his brilliant website here and his wonderful blog here.