Sunday 6 November 2011

Clint Langley - Mean Machine!

Wow, another wonderful Clint Langley cover for Day of Chaos. What's not to love about Dredd looking mean and moody astride his Lawmaster hunting for perps?

If you love this, be sure to check out American Reaper in the Megazine which features brain melting photo-manipulated artwork by Clint and a bonkers script from Pat Mills that is absolutely bursting with amazing ideas - downloadable dresses, neon tattoos, Aeroblasting (kind of reverse bungee jumping to thumping music) and literal identity theft, brilliant!

Below are the pencils for this cover which are just beautiful....
Thanks to Clint for the covers, what a lovely guy! Be sure to check out his website, Facebook page and the Repeat Offenders website, the publishing company he's set up with Pat Mills and Jeremy Davis. If American Reaper (which has already been optioned for a movie) is anything to go by, then you can count me in as a loyal customer!

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  1. Man, this is such a good blog!!!

    Cheers for that insight.

    Matt Badham