Monday 12 September 2011

Prog 1751 - Problems with an Angel's Lumpy Bits!

Apologies for tainting what is an absolutely beautiful cover for Prog 1751 by the monstrously talented Simon Davis with such a childish headline. However, all will be revealed by top design droid, Pye Parr, who explains "A bit of trivia on this cover – I had a last minute panic with it, as I noticed the scanner was picking up the texture of the canvas far too much (if you check out the scan that went into the Megazine this month, it’s different from the one on the prog.)"

The Meg Version of the cover

Simon continues, "While I wanted to retain the texture, all the lumps where coming out almost completely white and made the image as a whole look far too speckly!"

Those offensive lumps!

However, Simon had a brainwave. He says "Unfortunately I only thought about this on Wednesday afternoon right before the issue went to press so we delayed the print until the next morning and I gave the painting to a guy in the office, Kevin Bezant, who has a good set-up at home for taking really detailed photographs. He took some pictures that night and I sorted it out the next day. Looks much better for it I think, without all the white bits of reflected light the colours look much richer."

So hats off to Kevin Bezant who has helped the two Simons deliver one of the most elegant 2000AD covers ever. It really is an astonishing piece.

The image is for new strip Angel Zero which follows the story of the mysterious Maggie Roth, inhabitant of the carbon-negative town of McLuhan on a distant backwater planet. Maggie suffers from terrible nightmares and it would appear her horrors will soon become reality... The strip by Kek-W and the brilliant John Burns begins in this weeks' prog.

Thanks to Pye for taking the time to sort the cover out for me, please visit his excellent blog here, his latest work is stunning!

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