Saturday 3 September 2011

Prog 1750 Bonus - Boy, do I feel lucky?

Wahoooo! I've been dying to write this for ages! Above is the excellent, excellent Star Scan from Prog 1750 by Rebellion's head concept artist, Mark Harrison. A star scan that was instigated by ME!

Let me take you back 48 progs to Prog 1702, Mark's 'Knock Knock cover below:

You can read about it's creation here (please do, Mark always gives great commentary on his work.) During the inception that cover, Mark submitted a riff on a kooky old Magnum Force film poster, which Tharg rejected:

I loved the idea and couldn't shake the image from my mind, eventually I wrote to Mark, asking if he'd consider doing the image as a private commission. Unfortunately, Mark only works digitally these days and doubted that he even had the paints or equipment to do it! However, he was kind enough to ask me to send my sketch book and he'd have no problem doing a sketch.

After a couple of weeks, my beloved sketchbook was returned with this brilliant watercolour below. It's beautiful!

However, there was more. Mark enjoyed creating the image so much he did a cover-quality digital painting of it and re-submitted it to Tharg who promised to print it as a Star Scan! So, in the end, I got my wish! It may not have been a cover but I have a beautiful print on my desk at home and now a permanent record of it in the prog!

Thanks to Mark Harrison for being amazing! Check out his site here.

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