Friday 2 September 2011

Greg Staples - Un-American Graffiti!

So hows that for an amazing cover? Greg Staples, the coolest of cover artists, pays homage to Banksy, the coolest street artists, in his first wraparound 2000AD cover.

Greg says "I said it would be nice to do a wraparound cover as I haven't done one for 2000ad before and I think the rough idea came from seeing a Banksey illustration. I just thought if anyone should catch Banksey at it then its Dredd." Hmmmm, I wonder if Marlon Shakespeare is a descendant of the mysterious artist.

The cover also features a shady Thrill merchant, peddling the galaxy's greatest comic! Greg continues "I also like the idea of 2000ad being banned and there's a back alley you could find a dealer!"

Reaction to the cover since its' release on Bleeding Cool has been overwhelmingly positive though it has spawned one or two questions. Firstly, with regards to production, "It's not digital as a few people have asked but a rather large original painting which I handed over to the Nerve Centre. I felt an original painting was well over due as everything is digital right now."

The second question was whether or not Greg had cast himself as Judge Dredd, seeing as he plays the lawman in the forthcoming Judge Minty movie. Greg laughs this off "For the record the Dredd isn't really me in the Minty costume but I guess I'm so used to seeing those images and myself in the mirror that it comes out when I do Dredd. I did take some photos at the last session specifically for cover ideas so I'm sure a little further down the line that may be the case!"

Below is Greg's initial sketch for the cover, even that is incredible...
Followed by this stunning underpainting...

And the absolutely beautiful finished image...

Remember, the cover is for Prog 1750, a 'Jumping On' Prog featuring an all new lineup of thrills and superstar talent. Henry Flint joins John Wagner as Judge Dredd's Day of Chaos continues, D'Israeli and Rob Williams start a new adventure for Dirty Frank as he goes in search of fellow Wally Squad Judge Aimee Nixon in Low Life. After an absence of over twenty years (do you feel old Earthlet?), Indigo Prime returns to the prog courtesy of Cradlegrave duo John Smith and Edmund Bagwell and finally Ian Edginton and Simon Davis continue the supernatural adventures of paranormal investigator Ampney Crucis! Exciting times ahead!

Thanks, as ever to Greg Staples who has one again been very generous with his time. Check out some of the beautiful artwork on his website here and his blog here.

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