Friday 19 June 2015

Tiernen Trevallion - Cross Eyed D.I.

Prog 1936 sports a mean and moody, two tone masterpiece by the amazing Tiernen Trevallion as the creative team behind one of 2000AD's best modern characters brings us his darkest tales yet. 'Under a False Flag' sees Harry and his team investigate a spate of grisly murders that link to the highest echelons of power and children's homes of the 1980s. Surely that kind of thing could never happen, eh?
Tiernen was kind enough to send a bunch of images showing his artistic process. Firstly, we get those wonderful pencils, soooo good...    
The long awaited Absalom/Crossed crossover event.
And here's the cover with every liver spot, mole, crease, thread vein and wrinkle gorgeously inked. This really is an incredible image... 

The years have not been kind...

What I've loved about all of Tiernen's covers is his restrained use of colour, each one being a beautiful contrast of two colours. Below, we see the artist's signature cold blues...

A touch of frost?

Tiernen adds a flaming cross as the link with the shady goings on of the church are made eerily explicit...

Careful Harry! You'll singe your eyebrows!

For reason's of design, it looks like the cross was moved and made less opaque, thankfully it doesn't diminish the effect in the slightest!

Jeez Harry, you're on the cover of the prog, you could have made a bloody effort!

And here's how the prog looks on your shelf, curmudgeonly!

Church ill?
Huge thanks to Tiernen for sending the images, they're truly amazing! If you're a fan of his and Gordon Rennie's Absalom, I'd heartily recommend Robbie Burns Witch Hunter, which is a cracking read with absolutely eye popping art! 

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