Sunday 15 March 2015

Jake Lynch - Turboboost!

Oh yeah! Jake Lynch blasts back with this absolutely awesome cover for Prog 1922. What a stunner!
As Dave Piddlesworth, this blog's regular reader, may remember, that last time Jake was on the this blog (his Orlok cover of Prog 1917) things didn't end well. Jake earned a Rigellion Hotshot and a 'readjustment' session with Mek Quake after revealing a little too much of the Mighty One's practices.
After intense counselling and a complete overhaul of his chassis, Jake is (just about) back to full mental and physical heath. Over to the troubled droid to tell us more about this weeks' brilliant cover...  
"Can you hear that noise? No..? Fine, then lets get on with this: This pic was a bit of an experiment to do something a little less painterly and a little more Still smarting from my last encounter with the Mighty One (his long range accuracy is staggering,) I begin..."

"The original rough is quite fun but, as I'm inking it, I start feeling that this Dredd is not worthy of a cover (possibly more suited to Notre Dame!)..."

Dredd's got the hump!

"Wind yer neck in Dredd!"
A nervous looking Jake continues "I also have a really bad habit of doing awful knee pads, so I redraw..."


"Someone has nicked me bike!"

"I get hold of a piece of glass using my awesome scrounging skills, on which I paint some random strokes using an Acrylic modelling paste to help keep the texture in the marks. I then take a photo of it and use it as a starting point for the background." Bloody hell! Last week Greg Staples painted on wood, this week Jake on glass. Is there a paper shortage at the Nerve Centre?

"This sheet of glass is proudly sponsored by Antique and Period Glassworks, Norfolk - thanks, Keith!
There's that noise again... No? Okay."

Inspired by fourteen year old Jake's duvet

"While Tharg laughed, Pye01 stole my tot of oil so I take revenge by destroying his logo! This made the droid rage, forcing Tharg to smite us both mightily with high velocity hotshots...repeatedly." Just another day at the Nerve Centre then?

I take it Dredd doesn't like the new logo?

"Colour, colour, colour and done?"

"5... 4... 3... 2... 1... We have lift off!"

"Before Tharg would accept the finished pic he decreed the chain be redrawn so it could be seen more clearly (and there would be consequences...)"

As Dredd careered off the skedway, he knew he shouldn't have listened to his Sat Nav...

"This final touch done it was sent off and everything went perfectly with no repercussions whatsoever :-)"

A wheelie brilliant cover. I'll get me coat...
"Okay, enough is enough, which one of you jokers is making that whistling sound!? I knew I heard something! Come on, own up. It's only your own time you're wast- AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHhhhh...!!"
Oh dear... Jake? Jake? Erm, while I clean up the mess, check out how the prog will look on your Progshelf.
This cover was produced by Michael Bay.
Massive, massive thanks to Jake (Grud rest his soul) for sending the images. Wait... could it be? Yes! There's a faint electronic pulse, so hopefully we'll see him back on the Prog soon. Now, where did I put that number for Droidline...?

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