Thursday 5 March 2015

Dylan Teague - Viley Cyborg.

A 2000AD cover with attitude, just as it should be! Dylan Teague brings us this terrifying image of terrorist Grinder Sue Grue on the attack! This book of Savage has been outstanding, with some of Patrick Godddard's most amazing artwork yet! Who better then to produce the cover than his old mate Dylan?

Dylan was kind enough to send some images and blurb about this awesome cover, he said "Tharg sent me the panel from Patrick's latest Savage strip and asked for something along those lines..."

 Eating Polo mints was a nightmare...
"I did a little doodle and then went a bit 2thou mad in my sketchbook!"

The last thing Robin Thike ever saw...

Dylan's sketch pages are absolutely legendary, please, please run now and look at his Drawing Board site, it truly is a thing of beauty! 

Sad to see Two Tonne Tony Tubbs has lost weight...

"I sent him the rough, I edited out the Miley Cyrus tongue (I fucking wish someone would - Pete) as it was just going to interfere with the gun. I left the finger but was pretty sure it would get cut..."

Here's a work in progress of the image...

"Is my nose clean?"

"Yup, Tharg said lose the finger, lol!" Hmmm, I wonder if Dylan knows that Tharg is Yakuza and the may have upset him?

The return of Gunheadz!

"I finished the pic but bumped up some of the colours for a bit more punch..."

 "Have I got something in my teeth?"

"And here's the final pic with out titles - I think I bumped up the contrast a bit more!"

You could hear Sue's burps from the next street!

And here is how the cover was beamed from the Nerve Centre , fantastic!

If you think that's extreme, you should see what she's got in her - Hmmm, better stop there...

HUGE thanks to Dylan for sending the files for this fantastic cover, be sure to check out his blog,it's amazing!!!

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