Monday 22 September 2014

Greg Staples - Greghead!

Wow... just wow! I think the cover of jump on Prog 1900 might just be my new favourite Dredd image. This is simply amazing, I think I've shown it to just about everyone I know! I fell in love with this cover as soon as I saw it and couldn't WAIT for master painter Greg Staples to send the files.

However, I knew that this was a fully painted piece and worried that there might not much in the way of sketches or WIP images left to show, thankfully Greg didn't let us down!

Over to the man himself to tell us more...

"You’re right, I didn’t really have any sketches for this piece but there is an interesting story about it! It started as a proposed print idea for 2000AD that never came off. I did the grey piece as an idea for signed limited edition prints that 2000AD could release through the store, they liked the idea but it just never seemed to happen..."

Here's that grey piece, heck I woulda bought it!

A grey day for Old Stony Face...

Greg continues "I always liked the composition but felt the drawing could be improved and put to better use so I did the rain composition and felt it had found its place, painted it as a detailed grey painting then rendered it with the colours."

"Drokkin' Weather Control is busted again..."

"This wasn’t a digital painting, it was painted entirely on art board by hand, digital would have been a lot easier but I felt it needed the edgy human touch. It was quite a complex piece to paint by hand, and one I wouldn’t have been able to do a few years ago, but I think Dark Justice has let me hone my skills. Getting the rain just right was tricky but it was one of those pieces that came together easy because of the planning. Only took two years since inception!"

Two years damn well spent in my opinion! It's stunning! The skin tones, the stubble, the lighting effects and the rain look real. It's glorious!

Dredd even showers with the helmet on...
Thankfully Tharg has released some limited prints (subscribers only I'm afraid) and though they don't include the cover of Prog 1900, they do have this beauty below which is similarly gorgeous! Find out more here.

You'll be blown away by this print - ha!

Here's how the cover looks on your Thrillshelf, complete with new logo! Hmmm, I feel an email to Pye coming on...

Despite the pissing rain, Dredd managed to balance the new logo on his bonce...

Huge thanks to Greg for being a gentleman as always and sending those amazing images and fascinating insight. Here's looking forward to his work on Dark Justice, I've heard it's absolutely incredible!

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