Wednesday 14 May 2014

Henry Flint - Free is the Magic Number!

Dredd... dead?

Henry Flint does it again! After lampooning several classic comic book covers for last years' 'Free Comic Book Day' Prog cover, Henry cheekily has a swipe at a seminal page from 1967's Amazing Spider Man issue 50.

This classic splash page by John Romita Sr sees Peter Parker ditching the Spidey suit as the burden of being an annoying, wise-cracking little arsehole becomes too much for him.  

   With great power comes gr... oh, it doesn't matter then...

Obviously in Henry's take on the image, Joe has had enough after beating the stomm out of a perp  who was probably askin' for it. Over to Henry to tell us more "Keith Richardson asked me for this cover; he wanted a homage to the classic Spider Man page. It's completely unrelated to anything that happens in the comic, a mad idea but in comics it's the mad ideas that seem to work!"

Below is Henry's raw and gritty sketch...

 Street Fighting Man

Henry continues "As it's for Free comic Book Day and as an after thought, I tried to put in as many references to 'Free' as I could. 'All Free Today' is a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang reference but I'm guessing you must be on a different planet if you didn't get that one. Also 'All Right Now' by Free? Yeah? No? Okay..." It's a good job Dredd kept his Justice Department regulation pants on or we might have got a Free Willy!

Moving on, Henry continues "The only change I'd make is Dredd's haircut. Too much on top. Next time I'll give him a grade two."

The perp called Dredd a hippy!

Below we see the fully lettered cover, complete with cheesy dialogue and OTT captions, magnificent! 

Dredd turns his back on the uniform...

Huge thanks to Henry for sending the images. This cover really tickled me and I'm sure it did a lot of you too!

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