Monday 12 May 2014

Glenn Fabry - Bone Marras!

Well there's a blog title only northerners will get! A colossal welcome back to the always excellent Glenn Fabry for providing not one but TWO covers in a week! Firstly, Glenn has brought us this fantastic Dredd cover for 'Shooter's Night' in Prog 1881. The story sees Dredd hunting a bunch of teenage dirtbags hell bent on causing mayhem in a 'spree shooting' across Mega-City One!

Below are Glenn's exquisite inks, drool!

Dredd was always harsh to Trick or Treaters at Rowdy Yates Block...

And here's the gloriously coloured image by Kevin Molen...

Five guns against Dredd... they're in a lot of trouble!

And here's how the prog looks on your shelf, luvverly!

The Walking Dead?

Glenn has also provided this months' mighty Megazine cover. This amazing image features a triumphant Hard H with a broken Dredd. Hard H, a Cursed Earth mutie scavenger introduced in Megazine 338, has been infused with the blood of an eldster who can counteract radiation. I think it's sent him a bit... mad.

Here are Glenn's fabulous inks...

Silly Hard H, he could have saved himself a load of trouble by buying a badge from Planet Replicas! 

Below is the coloured version by the fantastically talented Ryan Brown...

  Hard H is a Hard Case for Dredd...

Ryan is a frequent collaborator with Glenn, having coloured some of his work for Berzerker Press and IDW. Below we see the IDW's Rogue Trooper cover by Glenn and Ryan...

I wonder if Ryan used some GI Blues?

And I'd like to use this as an excuse to show Ryan's Digital colouring on Greg Staples' IDW Year One cover. It always blows me away!

Does Weather Control ever work in Mega-City One? 

Huuuuge thanks to Glenn for sorting the images out for me, especially with his very hectic schedule. What a lovely guy!

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