Wednesday 21 August 2013

Tiernen Trevallion - Dead Foes.

Braaaaaaaaiiiiinnnnnsssss! This week Tiernen Trevallion brings us this awesome cover featuring Defoe doing what he does best, dispatching reeks! The design of this is just brilliant and once again, I love Tiernen's restrained colour palette. However, my favourite part of the cover are those disgusting maggots on the zombie on the lower right, and the poor blighters are completely hidden by the barcode on the printed version - for shame!

Below are Tiernen's pencils...  

Defoe goes crowd surfing during Songs of Praise

Followed by his outstanding inks...

Skinky inks

And finally the coloured version, those gushots really pop (no pun intended!) 

Dead Moon Rising?

Here's how the cover looked at your newsagent, hardly a maggot in site! 

Give us back our maggots, Tharg!

Of course, Tiernen is supremely qualified to bring you this cover after gaining his undead chops on Absalom with Gordon Rennie. Speaking of which, the pair or working on a new Graphic Novel from Renegade Arts called Robbie Burns: Witch Hunter which looks absolutely amazing!






A shuffling, groaning thank you to Tiernen for sending the images, they're excellent as usual! Please go and visit his site, you'll find it here

Oh and in the interests of completeness (and to keep my anal retentiveness at bay, here's Dylan Teague's coloured version of Leigh Gallagher's (swoon!) cover of Prog 1842. Check out Leigh's cover process here.

Meatloaf's next album cover

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