Wednesday 7 August 2013

Simon Davis and Clint Langley - Scarface!

Soth! Has it really been thirty years since the Warped Warrior lobbed a toad into the gob of a rampaging Time-monster? Since those early days, Slaine MacRoth has gone from exiled wanderer to high king of Ireland and back again. His journey has been nothing short of epic and has featured the artwork of some of the biggest and best names in 2000AD history.

To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of this classic character, 2000AD are running a brand new Slaine series, 'The Book of Scars.' The battle ravaged Slaine is in fact the book of scars, with each and every mark on his body telling the story of his adventures. The series promises to revisit some of Slaine's classic stories, with artwork from some of the strips' most memorable artists. Below we see brilliant Clint's opening splash page and some of the scars in question...

Aye, but has he ever had man flu, eh?

Prog 1844  features two variant covers, the first is a tantalising glimpse of the future by new Slaine artist Simon Davis. Below we see Simon's cover sketch... 

The axeman cometh... 

Followed by the marvellously atmospheric finished version, lovely!

A sign of things to come.

And here's how variant one looks on the bookshelves:

 Ho ho ho... oh, Slaughter!?!

Variant two is a superbly nasty wraparound by Clint Langley, yikes!

Two faced git!

And here's how that looks on the shelf...

Say hello to my little friend!

The roster of artists for the strip is dazzling. Clint kicks the series off in fine style, before channelling the work of the late, great Massimo Belardinelli on 'The Wickerman and the Bride of Crom.' Below is a comparison of Clint and Massimo's work, stunning...    


Following that we have 'Sky Chariots' by Mick McMahon, 'El Women and Eflic' by Glen Fabry, 'Sloth Feg and Crom Cruach' by Simon Bisley and then 'Molloch' by Clint. I don't think it too many!

Below is a mash up of the covers by Pye Parr, which has been used to advertise the digital edition of the comic. I think they fit together rather nicely!

Thanks to both Clint and Simon for sending the images, I'm sure you'll agree both are absolutely excellent! I can't wait to read this story!

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  1. Love it! Got prog 1844 on Saturday and now looking forward to revisiting some of those epic blasts from the past - particularly 'sky chariots' and Elfric - can't wait!