Friday 22 February 2013

Simon Davis - The Scrotnig Evening Prog.

The wonderful Simon Davis treats us to another superb J. C. Leyendecker inspired image for his second Ampney Crucis cover of the current arc. Again, based on a Thanksgiving image from the Saturday Evening Post, the cover features a mysterious, and somewhat disturbing Babbagist, as well as our two hapless heroes of course!

The inspiration came from a cover dated 29th November 1924, shown below...

Just a Pilgrim

Simon was kind enough to send his beautiful watercolour sketch...

Grandad Smash Robot

As well as these glorious inks. 

Max Babba

And finally, the fantastic painted cover with a bit of digital jiggery pokery to age it. Babbage would have been proud!

Here's how the prog looked on the shelves, lovely!

I'm loving Simon's return to a themed set of covers. he did something similar with the first couple of Ampney stories to create this rather wonderful series below. It's great that he's getting the chance to do it again...


What are the Babbagists?

If the Babbagists seem familiar, it's because we've seen them in other stories running through the Edgeverse. They first appeared in the opening episode of Stickleback, as did the human incarnations of Gog and Magog, who the Babagists seem to worship. 

Below Ampney gives us an important bit of backstory...

Stickleback fans will recognise Bernoulli, she was the villain in his most recent tale London's Burning, which saw the apparent demise of the eponymous crime lord. Here she is as depicted by the brilliant D'Israeli...

To add to the intrigue, it seems that Ampney's lover is involved in shady dealings with a dangerous doctor who is not only the head of the criminal fraternity of London, but also the son of Stickleback himself. Curiouser and curiouser...

Thanks to Simon for sending the images - can't wait for the next cover in this series!

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