Wednesday 6 February 2013

Karl Richardson - Killy Savage!

Hold on to your hats as Savage comes speeding towards us on a desperate suicide run, thanks to the brilliant Karl Richardson. The battle to liberate London from the dirty Volgs is really reaching it's climax, with Savage prepared to do anything to give the enemy a bloody nose and bring peace back to Britain. The question is, will Savage be around to enjoy it, and does he even want to be?

Below is Karl's sketch, which really captures the action of the strip...

Death Race 2010?

And here is the completed cover. I must admit, I wasn't sure about those bullet holes on my initial viewing, but in hindsight they work, really adding depth to this action-packed piece.

Car-mageddon/Car Blimey/Bad Car-ma/Car-l Richardson - insert your own car-based pun here.

And here's how it looks your the newsagent's shelf, lovely!

I couldn't possibly do an article on the mighty Karl Richardson without showing off my beautiful, fully painted Dredd commission. This piece is just stunning in the flesh, a scan could never do it justice!

Thanks a million to Karl for sending the images, I really hope we see more of his work in 2000AD in 2013!

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