Sunday 13 January 2013

Jon Davis-Hunt - "They are the Law!"

The fabulous Jon Davis-Hunt blasts us into a thrill-powered 2013 with this brilliant Megazine cover! The image illustrates the lead story 'The Pits' by Alan Grant with beautiful art by Jon, which sees Dredd and Anderson working a case together to track down some very macabre fashion designers!

Below we see Jon's dynamic sketch, wonderfully kinetic...

 An Army of Two!

Next are Jon's stunning inks. I love Dredd's grizzled features here and Jon take on Anderson is great! The functional modifications to the Judge uniform are ace too, just brilliant!

 "Who the hell's gonna mess with us?"

Below are Jon's flats...

"Judgement time!"

And finally a liberal use of his dazzling trademark lighting effects and textures. So much to love here, the glow of the lights in the lawgivers and the reflection of the city in Dredd's helmet being particular stand out features for me!

 "You look ready!"

Thank you so much to Jon for kicking of the year with such as outstanding image, one again, I reckon this would make a fantastic poster. Be sure to visit Jon's site here for more of his beautiful work.

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