Sunday 19 February 2012

Happy 35th Birthday 2000AD!

It was 35 years ago today, Sergeant Tharg taught his droids to play! It's been going in and out of style, But it's guaranteed to raise a smile!

Happy Birthday to the Galaxy's greatest comic, which celebrates 35 years of (almost) continuous publication today! Above, courtesy of Rich from the wonderful ECBT2000AD site, is the second of the variant covers for Prog 1771, the bumper Birthday special.

I'm sure I won't have to tell any of you that the cover is by the legend that is Mick McMahon, who was responsible for shaping so much of the Prog in it's early days and has inspired a generation of artists since. I contacted Mick and he's going to do a feature on the cover on his own brilliant blog, which you MUST see here. EDIT - Mick has now written the article, you can read it here - Pete.

I could resist taking his inks to show here...

Below is the alternate cover which you also get as a poster, the modern classic that is Chris Weston's love letter to the second golden age of 2000AD. You can read a wonderful post about that here. The image below is given away as a poster in the prog so if you don't already buy the galaxy's greatest read, you should definitely do so this week!

So, Happy Birthday Tharg, here's to the next 35 years!

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