Sunday 14 November 2010

Hey, don't read this! Read that!

Yes, I know we've already seen this wonderful cover but, the most romantic man in comics Leigh Gallagher, has updated his brilliant blog with a typically excellent 'making of the Cover' post. I don't want to rip it off or upset Leigh so please, go there now and see lots and lots of fine images and commentary in his usual humourous style.

I can't resist however teasing you with a few of the many highlights! For example, here is Leigh's initial Bernie Wrightson inspired idea which he couldn't use as... well you'll have to go to Leigh's blog to find out!

Here are the initial pencils and inks but what was it that Pat Mills didn't like?

Next the coloured figures version where Leigh had a great time researching lizard skins, (insert you own Tory MP joke here.)

And finally the fully coloured version again. Leigh shows a couple of variatins on his blog so for heavens' sake go there now!!!

Thanks to Leigh for such a cool blog and Emperor for the nudge!

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