Sunday 7 November 2010

Clint Langley - The Axe Man Returns!

Wow! A very welcome return to the magnificent Clint Langley who's wraparound covers should always carry health warning! This wonderful Slaine cover for prog 1710 could cause any unsuspecting reader to suffer Thrill Power Overload!

Clint has a couple of other 2000AD covers in the thrillpipe-line including, early next year, his first fully painted, non-digital cover for twelve years! Can't wait for that!

Speaking of next year, Repeat Offenders, Clint's media company that he co-owns with Pat Mills and Jeremy Davis will be releasing their first, 'game changing' graphic novels! So here's to more Langley goodness in 2011!

Thanks to Clint for sending the superb cover image!


  1. How many olympic sized swimming pools could Slaine fill with all the blood he's shed?

  2. Thanks for that Pete - I got my prog today and the cover as printed is a lot darker. If anything deserves to be seen bright enough to appreciate all the mad details then it is a Clint Langley cover, especially that cover.

  3. what;s going on!? This picture versus the actual prog is totally different, the printed prog is so dark I can barely see what's going on? But looking at the art above, its both sumptuous and detailed!?

  4. Gotta agree Pete and Emperor. I know that Mark Harrison goes crackers over repro issues.

    A trip to Mek Quake for the printers I think!

  5. Uncle Sam's TS: As Slaine would say, "Not Enough."