Wednesday 11 August 2010


Above we have the fabulous cover for Dogbreath number 23 by rising star artist James Feist. Based on an idea by writer, Hi-Ex organiser and all round whore Richmond Clements. Obviously the image is based on the classic Trainspotting poster (shown below) and features some of our favourite mutant bounty hunters, as well as Mr Sun and Mr Moon, from the much loved Journey Into Hell story (as well as staring in some Dogbreath tales of their own.)
And here's the image with the full text, brilliant!
Next up, the cover of the forthcoming issue of Zarjaz by super artdroid, Leigh Gallagher. Leigh has written a typically entertaining post on his own blog about the piece (including a rather gratuitous shot of his arse!) so I won't steal his thunder here.

The cover is for the Flesh tale 'Flesh-Extinction' by Mark Howard and Chris Geary. Below are Leigh's roughs, pencils, inks and the final awe inspiring piece. Please check out Leigh's blog to find out more.

Zarjzaz and Dogbreath will be available soon, keep checking The Quaequam Blog for news!

Thanks as ever to Bolt for sending the images.

EDIT - The ever-wise Emperor from the 2000AD messageboard informed us in the comments section that James had done a version with the line up in the same order as the Trainspotting poster. Here it is, cheers Emp!:


  1. Thanks for doing that Pete - you wouldn't believe all the discussion involved in the Dogbreath cover!! Which SD characters to use, where to put them, etc., etc. - it must win some prize for the amount of time invested in the planning. ;) The line-up has been fiddled with to make the best cover (should look very tasty when folded in half too with Johnny dead centre in the page) but James has done a version with the characters in the same position as on the poster.

    And that is a cracking cover for Zarjaz - the use of colour holds makes the main character pop. I believe Mark is going to be purchasing it off Leigh at some point, the lucky boy!!

  2. Thanks for the update. While I do love them all - I think my favourite is the Gronk as a strung out Ewan McGregor.

    I'm told there may even be a poster or some such in the works (possibly just blowing the cover up large for display purposes but if there is a demand for them...), if the FQP get a moment of free time between now and Brum that is.

    Oh and I should say the interior art for the S&M story to go with the cover has just landed in my inbox - he has tried a different style and it is stunning.