Friday 20 August 2010

Avast me hearties - Ten Years of Captain (Boo) Cook!

Ahoy there landlubbers, cast yer beady eyes on this amazing Red Seas cover by the amazing Boo Cook! It's exactly ten years since Boo began to work for the House of Tharg, his first credit being in Prog 1208, dated 30th August 2000. It was a Steve Moore penned Future Shock called "Home from the War." So to celebrate ten zarjaz years we have this absolutely jaw dropping cover. Boo was thrilled with the subject material, he says, "I've never done pirates before, so I got kinda excited about this one!"

He continues "Here's the roughs; they're basically the same, but Matt wanted a background, so I threw in Steve's pegasus wreck."

And, as Tharg obviously forgot to add 'shame circuits' to the Cook droid, he was also kind enough to send these brilliant reference photos! Note the grabbing hand toy, perhaps Captain Hook would have been better off with one of them... Hmmm, it always amazes me how lifelike Tharg's droids can be...
Next we have Boo's stunning inks, he says "Having worked for 2000AD for exactly 10 years now this cover marks a full circle for me, in as much as I inked it with a good ol' Smiths 49p biro, just like the old days.... ahhh...bliss!"

Biro!?! Absolutely amazing work...

And finally, the beautiful finished version. "I wanted to try and give it a really Turner-esque boiling seascape sort've sky," says the artist, "And it would be remiss of me not to add that I was really studying, and greatly influenced by, the work of Jose Ladronn when painting this one up in Photoshop."
Absolutely stunning work, I'm sure you'll agree. So here's to another ten years with Boo and the galaxy's greatest read!

You can see more of Boo's mind blowing covers here and follow his outstanding blog 'All Tomorrow's Particles' here. Thanks once again to Boo for being so generous with his time and talent!

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