Wednesday 5 August 2009

Karl Richardson - Bye Bye Big Ben!

Karl Richardson is not only responsible for the superb artwork in the current Dredd strip 'Rehab' but he's given us some astounding covers in the past. Above we see the awesome cover Prog 1534 for the story Detonator X. It's covers like that that me me proud to be a 2000AD reader! Please click it and take a while to check out the wonderfully rendered destruction of Big Ben as this was cruelly covered up in the final version of the cover (see below) - shame on you Tharg!

Next we have an absolute favourite of mine, Prog 1579. These dudes are The Fargoes, distant cousins of Joe Dredd himself. We met these guys during the Origins epic and again in the Regrets... tale. Many feel they may be relevant when Dredd finally hangs up his tight boots (sob!)

A beatuiful Defoe cover from Prog 1597 - your everyday tale of a 17th Century hard case blowing a zombie's brains out with a modified Flintlock!

Finally, the cover for Breathing Space from Prog 1457. This was a mystery tale set on Luna City One, the ending of which still has me flumoxed!

Thanks to Karl for sending me these fine, fine covers, especially as he was on his holidays at the time. What a guy!

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